Top 10 Books of 2020 (Which is more like 11)

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You can see all the books I read on my Goodreads page HERE.

This year, I accomplished my goal of reading 200 plus books. So this top 10 list is a smaller percentage of the books than normal. This is why I'm starting with my honorable mention/number 11 pick. 

This book was one of the sweetest I've ever read. Rachelle has been a favorite author from the first novel I read of hers. Her style is engaging, fresh, and full of beautiful prose. This story was not only well-told but one that I will be revisiting again soon.

Nicole Sager is among one of my favorite authors and one of the few fantasy authors that I will buy everything they write as it comes out. This one was a birthday gift to myself.
This is a story of a race of miniature people who are called to a big task. I love it! And the faith in Sager's books is always wonderful.

This was a very fun story. It was a futuristic story that was full of adventure, great dialogue, and brilliant writing. 
This novel is written more for the general market than for the Christian, but it's clean and so much fun! I enjoyed every minute of it. 

This was one of those books that is hard to read yet it is also deeply impactful. It's about a girl who suffers abuse emotional and physical and the family that wants to adopt her. All the characters were vivid and realistic with good sides and bad sides. My favorite part of this book is how it showed the love of God and how it flows out of people in the end.

I loved this book because it's exactly what the title says it is. It's about the importance of living out your faith faithfully in your ever day. While it touches on how that will impact you in hard times, it's mainly about the everyday effects. It was encouraging and one I will be returning to.

I've found several wonderful books through the review of Gretchen Louise, a woman I've followed online since my teens. This was one of those books. It's a mystery with a cast of very non-typical characters. I love the strong faith of the main girl as well as her love for books. I've already read and loved the second book in the series and plan to read these books as they come out. 

This book...where do I even start. Wow! This book wrapped words around some things I've been trying to explain to others. It was impactful to me, but even more, gave me the words to explain why I find some aspects of how Christians talk about transparency to be bothersome. I love it because the author didn't attack anyone but gave a map for those who truly want to change. 

I loved, loved, loved this story. Again, it has a very non-typical cast, people of strong faith, and an ending that surprised me and pleased me at the same time. I loved this author's view of what singleness can be. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

This book was the one that surprised me the most in making it to this list. I grabbed a copy of the audiobook because I'm always trying to learn more about history and this book has been on my to-read list. I had bearly known about the existence of Hannah More, but through this book, I felt like I had found an old friend - one who modeled a single life devoted to Christ. 

Seeing a theme here? I guess having hit thirty, this year I was looking for books that would help me as I came to terms with my singleness. This book was like rain on a very dry place in my heart. It neither presented a rosy or gloomy view of singleness, instead, it explored the heart issues from a biblical perspective. I will be rereading this a lot in the future. If your a single lady, invest in a copy of this book

One of my goals this year was to compline less and have more gratitude. This book was funny, practical, and honest about Goyer's own journey with her family to a grumble-free year. Other than the Bible, this book has impacted me the most this year in how I think. And it came at the right time, didn't it? I read it as the pandemic was gearing up and I needed to be on my guard against the grumbling that wanted to come.

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  1. Sarah, I loved seeing all your top favorites of the year! (Which reminds me, I've got to go do the same.) But wow! There's some really good titles on your list, and I added a couple to my Goodreads shelves.

    1. It was a good reading year. All of these are worth rereading. I hope you enjoy them.

  2. Thank You Sarah for this list of favorites. The mystery book looks interesting.Wishing you and yours family a Blessed,Happy and Healthy New Year. God Bless.
    Marion and Marilyn

    1. Thank you, Marion and Marilyn! God bless you and I hope your New Year is filled with good things.

  3. I enjoyed reading this, and I now have three Goodreads tabs open to check out. :D Thanks! And Happy (almost) New Year!