Andora's Folly by Abigayle Claire: A Review

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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for violence and romance

Best for Ages: 15 and up

Description:  A Pandora's Box retelling

Andora is a beautiful young woman with insatiable curiosity. Raised in splendor, she is spoiled by her privileged life. When a love letter is slid under her door, her life takes a drastically unromantic turn. Nothing makes sense—her arranged marriage, the gifts her parents bestow on her wedding day, or her new husband’s temperament.

As Andora begins to unravel the mysteries around her, she ignites a chain of events that have the power to sabotage her entire village forever. Only her new-found wisdom as a desperate peasant's wife can save her from her folly.


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I remember we had this big book that I would spend hours looking at and reading as a kid. It had all sorts of historical information and stories in it. I can still remember the illustrations and the story of Pandora’s box. Really, what fascinated me most as a kid is how closely, in essence, the story was to the story of Adam and Eve. I was excited to read this retelling.


Abigayle Claire brought a lot of originality to this story. This isn’t a story explaining how evil entered the world, this is about two families and a girl that gets caught in the intrigue and mystery she never really wanted. And two gifts she’s told never to use.


This wasn’t a very long story, but it was full of a lot of emotion. I felt Andora’s emotions keenly. Abigayle Claire is a gifted writer, she pulled me right in. I had to keep flipping pages to find out if she would have a happy ending.


This story took several unexpected turns that will leave readers like me very happy.


I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy retellings of classic stories, those who enjoy novellas, and those who enjoy solid writing.

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