Spring Planning for Writers

1:00 AM

Spring cleaning is a great idea for writers too! Here are some tips for spring planning for writers.

1. Assess your goals for the year. Did you bite off more then you can chew? Adjust your plans now be realistic.

2. Sit down with your calendar and writing goals. Take the time to divide up the work for each day, at least for a month in advance.

3. Have an idea that's going to need some research? Pick one book every month to read for that project to start preparing. 

4. Are you going to need editing? Consulting? Cover design? Go ahead and contact someone and reserve a slot. Most editor and cover designers will do this. This also helps to make sure that even if they get busy, you already have a spot.

5. Life gets busy. Make sure that you are taking the time to write, even if that means you rearrange your schedule some or have to say no to some things.

6. Remember that God is writing your story, so even the best-laid plans might not happen.

If you wrote another tip for this list, what would it be?

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