Snippet Saturday: It All Started When

1:00 AM

“I don’t know how I would have been able to do this without you, Kate.”
Kate glanced up from her computer at Ingrid, the administrator of the college and her boss. “I’m glad I could help. Besides, I don’t have any studying to do tonight.”
Ingrid patted her on the shoulder. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay? You have already worked so much tonight.”
“Positive. Have a good night, Ingrid.”
“See you tomorrow. Remember, the security company is starting the renovations tomorrow, so you won’t be able to use the tunnels.”
Kate simply nodded. It was the twentieth time Ingrid had reminded her. She knew that for sure because she had been counting. “I’ll remember. Are you ready for your trip?”
Ingrid smiled and then picked her amber purse off the worn particleboard desk. “Oh, yes. I’ll do the last of my packing tonight so I’m ready to leave tomorrow evening after work. See you tomorrow.”
Kate waved her goodbye with one hand and kept typing with the other. The dinosaur of a computer went so slow that there were a couple seconds of delay between her typing and the letters appearing on the screen. She stopped typing and waited for the word processor to catch up with her. She was glad that new computers would be installed as part of the new security upgrades.
“Come on,” she muttered as the letters she had typed slowly appeared on the screen. She had to finish entering the transfer student’s information before she could go back to her dorm. Finally, the last word appeared and she dropped her finger on the keyboard to add a period.
“There, all done.” Kate put the computer to sleep and turned off the desk lamp, leaving only the dim overhead lights on. Grabbing her jacket and her badge, she walked quickly over to the elevator. She was ready to curl up in front of the TV for an hour or so before going to bed. She didn’t have to study or work the rest of the week, giving her a rare chance just to relax.
The elevator creaked open, and Kate hopped in and pressed the button for the basement level. She hoped that her roommate, Siri, was either in bed or out partying. The girl thought of nothing but boys and parties – never about academics – and usually pestered Kate to help her. Kate hoped for a few minutes of peace before she had to go to sleep.
The elevator doors shuddered, then wearily opened onto the subterranean office area. Kate took a deep breath and shivered. Not only did the heater not do a great job of heating the basement, but it was creepy down there at night. In the hallway, there were only a couple of bare bulbs widely spaced to light the way.
Kate put on her jacket as she walked hurriedly forward.
“Man!” Kate rubbed the sore spot on her head and glanced at the pillar she had just collided with. She rolled her eyes and, sidestepping the obstacle, continued on her way. How did she manage to hit that pillar about twice a week? She knew the reason, but being a klutz when it came to walking was not easy to admit, especially for the line of work she was pursuing.

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  1. Loved this book so much! Looking forward to reading book 2!