My Heath and Fitness Routine

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Keeping healthy can be hard. I've posted on Instagram a few times about things I do to stay healthy and people have seemed interested in more details. So, here you are.

First, I guess it's important to understand my basic ideas behind health and fitness.
1. Health and fitness should be important, but never become an obsession/idol
2. We live in a broken world and I won't be healthy all the time, no matter what I do.
3. Health and fitness should not be ignored, it's an important part of serving God.
4. Emotional and spiritual health are part of my physical health.

Without further ado, here is my daily health and fitness routine.

First thing in the morning:
~ I wake up (usually I have an alarm that goes off at 7am) and try to start the day by prayer. Before I even open my eyes, I praise God for who He is and surrender the day to him.
~ Read in my Bible
~ Get dressed (this includes my fitness watch)
~ Exercise
Now, when it comes to exercise, this varies a lot. Right now, I'm pretty tired do to all the changes and effort it's taking to heal my arm. I do all the exercises that my PT has given me, plus some mornings I walk. My mom and I take a walk almost every nice morning. About three times a week, I try to run. As I said, that hasn't been happening, but part of a good fitness routine in my mind is one that can be flexible, but still keep you accountable.
I take some vitamins every day:

I started taking vitamin B complex daily in my teens and saw a huge boost in my energy levels. I take it as well as try to work dark greens (mostly in the form of salad) into my diet almost every day. Some days, I don't get all my vitamins taken, but this one I try never to miss. 

I have a weaker immune system so I take C every day to help boost it. I also like to squeeze lime juice into my water. If you couldn't tell, I try to make sure I'm getting my vitamins from my food, not just supplements. 

We recently discovered our family tends to struggle with having a very low D count. So, I've started adding a small amount of D as well as working harder to get out in the sun more.

When my family is sick, or I feel like my immune system is struggling, I also take Apple Cider Vinegar tablets. I drank some for a while *gag*, but this is an easier way I can make sure I get this down.  I will still drink the real stuff if I'm sick's pretty gross.

I suffer from allergies quite a bit. While I do things like nasal rinsing to naturally deal with some of the effects, Allegra helps a lot with my symptoms. If it's really bad, I also use Nasacort. 

With that my day starts. Throughout the day, I try to make sure I stay active. I have a goal to walk 10,000 steps. I don't make that a lot of days, but that goal does make me get up and walk when sometimes I would be tempted to stay sitting. 

Last summer, I started using the Lose It! App to track my foods. I knew that I didn't have a healthy relationship to food, but wasn't sure I would really stick to any diet. So, calorie tracking seemed like the best way to go. 
Not only am I eating better, but over the course of the almost none months I've been using it, I've lost fifteen pounds. Slow and steady progress is what is best and my eating habits are changing. I've had bad weeks, I have fun days every couple of months that I just don't even think about the count, but this has really helped keep me on track and eating better.

Also, in line with spiritual and emotional fitness, I pray a lot throughout the day, often as I go about my tasks. I also listen almost exclusively to Christian music and read Christian books. While these are not rules everyone needs to follow, I know that I have to make sure that my mind is being filled with the right sort of messages. I also try to make sure I'm reading a lot more then I'm watching movies.

Another thing I do all through the day is to drink a lot of water. My mom is big on hydration and I'm becoming more like her every day. While sometimes it isn't easy, I've found it's very important to me staying healthy. As plain water can get boring after a while, I often squeeze lime juice into mine or drink iced tea. Contrary to what many people think, iced tea, especially if it is not super strong, is hydrating (just don't put sugar in it).

When I'm curled up in bed for the night, one of the things I've worked on a lot this year is making sure my mind stays on true, pure, and good things as I drift off to sleep. I try applying a lot of what I learned in reading Loving God With All Your Mind.

That's about it for now. I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my health and fitness routine. What are some of the things that are part of yours?

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