And then I needed a wedding gift

1:43 PM

My sister is getting married. While maybe it isn't necessary for me to get her a wedding gift, I wanted to. In fact, each sibling is thinking up something for Tim and Rose. Being a book person, what is better than giving the gift of books?

I asked some of my friends who married in the last couple of years for the books that prepared them for marriage and helped them through the first few months. I looked through the lists and bought a few of them.

There are lots of really fun things that I could have bought for Rose. After all, I can really get into decorating rooms. However, I wanted to give Rose and Tim a practical gift. One that wouldn't just help them create a home, but that would help them build a marriage.

What did/would you give your sibling when they got/get married?

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  1. When my brother go married, his wife's younger sisters and I made them a scrapbook/photo album of their courtship and engagement as seen through our eyes. :)

  2. What a great gift for newly weds.

  3. I hope it's not to late! Sarah, one of the best books ever for a newly married girl is called "Created to Be His Help Meet." By Debi Pearl. It's a really good book, look into it!