Adventure Between the Pages: The Furtherst Shore

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Age Appropriate For: 16 and up
Best for Ages: 18 and up (romance, mentions of sin, mentions of sinful lifestyles)
Description: Naval officer Ryan Gallagher broke Jenny's heart six years ago when he abruptly disappeared. Now he's returned but refuses to discuss what happened. Furious, Jenny has no notion of the impossible situation Ryan is in. With lives still at risk, he can't tell Jenny the truth about his overseas mission--but he can't bear to lose her again either.

There are two things that I can always count on Elizabeth Camden for – amazing writing and realistic emotions. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, and sometimes her characters behave badly. Yet, within the pages of her incredible stories, there is often a story of redemption, and the love of Christ that cannot be ignored.

This was a story about two people that used to have a beautiful and innocent love, but sin corrupted it. He hurt her and betrayed her, she won’t forgive him. These two broken people end up in a house together (with a few others, including her father) and are forced to face their own sins.

Sin was not glossed over in this book. Ryan’s betrayal was not only a sin, but it hurt many of those around him. I felt Camden did a good job of showing Ryan having already come to terms with his failing and struggling to see why others cannot do the same. Ryan’s was a guy that will both endear and frustrate female readers.

I loved Jenny. I got mad at Jenny for her unforgiveness, yet I saw so much of myself in her. She is trying to be wise and guard herself against hurt and failing to see her own sin. I felt most connected to her and her struggles. I loved her raw and real emotions and her search for peace.

The romance was toned down from the last Camden book I  read. Not as much kissing or touching, which was nice. My only real complaint is that Camden seems to like getting her guys shirtless so the girls can admire them. I find most of the time it to be a bit awkward. There are times when it seems a normal thing, but this felt awkward. I still liked the book. Some people might want to also know the book is a bit gritty in places, but never goes into detail.

The historical aspect was brilliant as always. Camden always has a knack for bringing history to life. This involved the war, Japanese, and life on a military base. I felt as if I was there and could see it all.
I highly recommend this book to those who love romance, historical fiction, and realistic situations.

I received this book for review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. All the opinions are my own. 

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