Product Review: Meraki Box

1:00 AM

We have all seen those fun boxes some people get every month. There are some for those who love healthy food, those who love make-up, or those who want to try different cleaning products. Now, there is one for writers! Introducing the Meraki box! Made by a writer for writers.

I was very excited to be able to get this for review on the first month of its existence. It arrived on a day I wasn't feeling good so it perked me up. Look! Even the label looks all cute! It was sealed with sparkly gold tape too.

Once inside, prettieness and fun waitied for me

So, here is what I got; a great pen and pencil, a notepad, a to-do list notepad (which I have been using like crazy), a two year planner, a cute little jar, some awesome little office supplies, and some tasty teas.

The thing I love is that there isn't anything here that I won't use. Anything that isn't great for me, I can easily pass onto a sibling. I am really excited about this service and know it will keep getting better. I have already ordered next months box!

As I know I have a lot of small business owners who read this, you might be interested in promoting your writer-y product with Meraki. Click here for details.

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