Bible in Six Months; Update

7:44 AM

I am still a little behind in my Bible reading. I should be in the book of Psalms, but right now I am in Ester. I plan to get caught up in the next week or so which means a lot more time in my Bible, which is a good thing.

I continue to be amazed at the fact that I am learning so much reading through the Bible this fast. In fact, I am seeing things that I haven’t seen before and am being encouraged more than I have in a long time. For example; the other day, I was reading in 2 Chronicles where Hezekiah celebrate the Passover, and I was struck by something.

“A very large crowd of people assembled in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the second month. They removed the altars in Jerusalem and cleared away the incense altars and threw them into the Kidron Valley.” 2 Chronicles 30:13-14 NIV

The people had been living in and rebellion. They come together to celebrate the Passover for the first time since the judges ruled. What happens as they celebrate this holy feast? They become filled with passion with the things of God, and they go out and destroy the idols that they have been bowing down to for years.

Think about that for a moment. No decree from the king told them to, no billboard or picket signs encouraged them, no law was passed in congress, no priest, preacher, or celebrity got up and gave a speech pleading with them to do it. They did it because they were so moved by the celebration, so filled with the zeal of their God, that they went out and destroyed the very things that they had been relying on a short time before.

Too often, we (I am no exception) sit around thinking that it will take a law to remove the immoral things from this world; that it will take a big name preacher or a skilled speaker to get people to listen, or a lot of blog posts, amazing articles, and news stories to get people to change. That however, is not the case. As in Bible times, true change will come when people’s hearts turn to God. Big things will only be accomplished when the church of Christ in filled with zeal for the things of God.

How do we accomplish this? How do we change people’s hearts and have the zeal of God consume us? By living our lives each day for Him. By getting to know our Father in Heaven so well that we can’t stand the idols we have placed in our lives and sharing his love with those around us so that they can know him.

I would go on, but I fear that this post has gone on long enough. Have a wonderful day!

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