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The first few days of February can feel like such a time of division among ladies, am I right? The singles in one corner some of them ignoring the day, some of them grieving.  The super happy people in relationships who go all out with hearts and gifts. There is the jaded ladies who like to say "just you wait" to any of those in the first two categories when they get within striking distance.  In the last corner those well-meaning people that want to spiritualize everything in an awkward way instead of authentically. In fact, the only thing that unites the first three categories is kinda their mutual dislike for the last group.

Well, come to the center of the room, because here on this blog, February is for all of us. Yes, even that awkward lady over there who is always trying to get people to make Valentine's into a spiritual holiday. We all have things to learn from each other, and this blog is going to be a place where we can do that, at least to some.

This month, I'm going to be sharing posts for the single ladies, who are so precious to my heart. I'm going to have a special giveaway and several posts just for them. I'm also making a special printable for them for my newsletter. I'm also will have some posts about preparing for relationships if that is something you want to learn about.

For those who adore relationships, I'm going to be sharing some of the things I've learned through this first year of marriage, my favorite marriage books so far as well as how to host a single in your home without making anyone feel awkward. 

For those who are jaded, I'm going to share some reminders I've learned during my own times of being jaded. I want to treat your heart tenderly because I know it isn't easy.

For the one who wants awkwardly spiritualizes holidays like Valentine's Day, don't worry! I think God has a lot to teach us through you, but we'll share some tips for making it authentic, not awkward. 

This month is for all of us. Enjoy the journey.


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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I'm starting to comment on blog posts and subscribed to your newsletter! I appreciate what you wrote for this post concerning Valentine's Day and look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
    God bless and keep you,
    Valentine (one of Kelsey's friends!..though I'm sure you know who I am, haha!) :)

    1. Hi Valentine! I do know who you are! I hope all the posts this month are a blessing.