It's been Two Years

7:32 AM

Just over two years ago, on February 6th, Scott told me he loved me. We decided to take a trip this year to west Texas to see the Big Bend area to celebrate. We love hiking and seeing God's amazing wonders. This trip was pretty amazing. 

We arrived late on the 4th in Alpine, Texas. The next morning (the 5th), we got up early and enjoyed hiking the Skyline Drive Hiking trail and Davis Mountain State Park. 

Yeah, we were happy (and cold)

Us pretending to be cool

The view from one of the overlooks

I mean, how cool is that view?

I just loved this part of the path

We also went to Balmorhea State Park, which is a spring-fed pool. 

It was lovely. 

We slept really well that night with all the hiking and got up on the 6th to do it all again. This time with Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

We started at Fort Leaton, a historic site and the Western entrance to the park.

It was pretty cool inside, all restored

Our first hike of three that day.

We got to see these hoodoos.

Pretty cool rocks.

Second hike of the day and my first time in a canyon like this

It was a narrow and very amazing. 

I mean, look at that?

At the end of the trail.

Just cool rock formations along the road.

We drove to the eastern entrance and got our picture with the sign.

The last hike of the day was to an oasis. It was pretty cool to see tall trees in the middle of the desert.

Another very good night of sleep and getting up early on the 7th to go to Big Bend National Park. 
I was super excited about this!

The views were amazing!

First hike of the day! A fun short one to see some of the remnants of a ranch that used to be here. The windmill still provides water to the tress the Nail family planted. 

The Sotol vista was among our favorites!

Our second hike was to a dry waterfall. There is only water coming over it during heavy rains. 

Third hike of the day! Another Oasis! Mule Ears Springs

It was amazing. We had a picnic lunch near the spring.

We drove along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and stopped so many times. It was fun to see the Santa Elana canyon get closer and closer. 

and then we hiked into it!!

We had dinner at the lodge! 

It tasted even better then it looked.

On the 8th we got up and we drove to El Paso and Frankin Mountain State Park

What a view

We hiked almost straight up to reach those caves

It was worth it.

We got to stay at this amazing house that was filled with old books!!

The 9th we headed home, but we made it to one more state park on our way.

It was pretty cool to see Sanddunes in a landlocked area.

We enjoyed ourselves

Mexican food is a must. Our last act of vacation was to stop in Fredricksburg on our way home to get awesome food. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at our trip. 

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  1. Aw, looks like you guys had a great time! I just got married in December and my husband and I have gotten to travel a lot since then too. It's been so special 🥰
    Congratulations on two years!!💕

    1. That is awesome! I never thought I would love traveling, but traveling with my husband has been awesome.

  2. Awesome views! So glad you got to go! My parents went to Big Bend for their honeymoon. :)
    How sweet to celebrate that special day 2 years ago! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I'd love to explore more state parks but we don't have many around here.

    1. That's sad. State parks are awesome. Maybe someday you will be able to visit some of them.

  4. Wow. That place looks beautiful! I'm glad you were able to get away for a little bit.

  5. Thank you Sarah for sharing these gorgeous and lovely photos.

  6. What a fantastic trip. The photos are great.Thank you for sharing.

  7. So wonderful, happy for you Sarah!