The Biggest Sale of the Year!!!

9:36 AM

Oh yes! Over 270 books to choose from that are free and 99c!!! Let me just give you a hint: This might be a wonderful time to get those Taelis books you were looking for and A Different Kind of Courage, and Emmeline, and... Well, you get the idea.

Need another reason to hope over there? It's not just me, some of my favorite authors, J. Grace Pennington, Nicole Sager, Rebekah Morris  Perry Kirkpatrick, Kate Willis, Rebekah Jones, and more are taking part!

Still here? Want to jump in and see just what to see the books of mine are on sale? Wish granted! Click HERE

You're still reading this post? Let's see, What can I do to make you go right to the sale..... Oh, I'll tell you that I've already snagged some of the deals myself, they are so good!

Another reason needed???? Okay....Oh, Christmas Books!!!!

Still here? Okay, this sale makes great gifts for the book lovers on your list, and also helps authors pay for future work. How awesome is that?

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