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  1. Hello Sarah Holman, Last night I finished reading "There Was Always Laughter in Our House." I found it cozy, sweet, and witty.

    I like your sense of humor, your love of family, and your appreciation for your mom's Christian home education. Such creative home-learning and life in the country truly sound memorable and delightful. We followed Charlotte Mason's principle's too.

    By the way, correcting Sunday school teachers is awkward, ha, ha. One of my own children did this, and I'm beginning to suspect other home taught children who know their Bible, can't resist doing the same. And yes, hens are entertaining. We doted upon ours and they rewarded us with the best eggs and pest control. On another point: I could relate to your skirt-chapter as all the females in our family are comfortable in one - although our wardrobe is varied.

    Are you curious to know how I came upon your book? My son, Nigel Andreola, who is an illustrator and writer, joined the "Homeschool Authors" FB page. He spotted "There Was Always Laughter in Our House" and decided to read it. Since it is on our Kindle cloud, and he told me I would like it, I read it - - - and he's right. - Yours, Karen Andreola

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Actually, we had your book, A Charlotte Mason Companion, on our shelf. I think it was when I picked it up that I realized that Mom had based our school on the Charlotte Mason method.
      I remember reading the reviews from your family in CBD all the time and finding them helpful.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the book.