Burdney, Jem, and King Solomon's Mines

1:50 PM

Recently Finished
After this being on my to-read list for a very long time, I finally read it! Read my review HERE

I finally finished this book. Wow! Was it good. I've always loved Fanny, but this book had so much depth. Read my review HERE.

It has been to long since I read a Sagar book. Read my review HERE

Sincerely, Jem

I beta read this book which is part of The Very Bookish Christmas Collection. I'll write a review upon publication.

Currently Reading:
This is a fun book, with a few things in it that are not as fun. We'll see what I think at the end.

God's really using this to work on my heart right now.

This is a good story, not my favorite, but good.

Up Next 
I'm looking forward to reading this. It was my favorite of the series as a child.

I'm excited to read the last book in this series. I've loved the first two. 

My friend Kelsey lent me this. I'm really excited to read this book that was written for women in the Middle Ages.

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