No Man, Your Purpose, and Breath of Knowledge

9:00 PM

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I enjoyed this somewhat, but I wouldn't recommend it. Read my review HERE.

This book poured over my soul. I needed it. Read my review HERE.

This book was okay. The writing was a bit week, but the faith element was amazing. Read my review HERE.

It was so much fun to revisit this book, my favorite of the series as a child. Read my review HERE.

Goodreads | Amazon
Wow! I love this series so much and this book was amazing. I don't have a full review up yet, but I will have one soon HERE.

Currently Reading
I'm not loving this as much as the other two books in the series. We shall see if I like it further on.

My friend Kelsey lent me this. I've only read the introduction, but I'm excited to dive in.

Up Next
I'm excited to finish this trilogy! I'm excited and nervous at the same time to see what happens. 

I friend Kesley recommend this to me. Since we own a copy, I want to read it. 

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