Heavy Heart, Heavy Load

5:13 PM

There are times that I look back and smile. I see the lessons I have learned and the ways God has taught me and how I have grown and changed for the better. There are other times I shake my head and wonder how I have gone so long without mastering something that seems so basic to our faith.

Right now, I am shaking my head.

There are some people hurting in my life, and God has used them to show me that I often carry burdens that He never intended me to. I see people I care about about struggling with their faith, and I want to say the right things to make it all right. I want to take away the pain I see in so many of the others around me. I see my sister who wants to be married, struggling to wait for the right guy and I want to find a way to make her happy. All of these I feel weigh me down and become burdens.

This month, some hard things have happened (on an emotional level), and I have been sick. Both of those things have caused me to stay away from blogging and to spend a lot of time at the feet of Jesus. God has been reminding me both in my time with Him and the people around me that I am not supposed to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, that is God's task.

I wish I had some great suggestions on how to do this, but I am in the middle of the lesson. I am spending a lot of time praying, and I am making sure I am sharing what is going on in my heart with at least my Mom as sharing does help.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 

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  1. Good post. I know exactly how that feels. And it might not be that much of encouragement, but tell your sister I'm in the same boat. :)