Adventure Between the Pages: Discovering Hope

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(I wrote this over a year ago, but forgot to publish it here. Since this is on my 2014 top ten list, I felt I needed to post it.)

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Description: What do Brigadoon, saris, epic laser tag games, and Jesus have in common? Hope. She’s a Christian with a passion for life and a fascination with Jay’s heritage. He’s an Indian with a fledgling interest in learning about the Hope within Hope.

After reading Noble Pursuits with my friend Jessica, I was more than happy to agree that Discovering Hope be our next book to read together. Neither of us were disappointed with this second installment of the Rockland Chronicles.

One of my favorite things about Havig’s books is that they are down to earth. Her stories are about ordinary people with their everyday problems. She has a talent for making the mundane, everyday things seem very interesting.

This book is about Hope, a girl with a strong faith in God despite the fact that she lost her brother in a car accident the year before. While at college, she meets Jay, a young man from India. So begins a wonderful friendship.

One of the things I most appreciated about this book was Jay’s struggle to accept Hope’s faith. It wasn’t easy for him, and it wasn’t quick. Too many books make it sound so easy, but often it is a long struggle.

The romance in this book, like all of Havig’s books, is sweet and based on friendship, not just gushy feelings. I love the way she balances the friendship and the romance so well in her stories.
There were some sad parts to this book, but it made it really, really good. I don’t have a single complaint about this story.

I highly recommend this book to those who like romance that is based on something more than feelings, stories about everyday people, and authors who are not afraid to let their faith take center stage.

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