Adventure Between the Pages: An Easter Carol

1:00 AM

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Description: Professor Scrooge is a former pastor turned atheist. He despises anything to do with Christ - especially Easter. Determined not to celebrate the day, Scrooge lashes out at all who do. But then he meets with a surprising visitor, and is led on three different journeys by the spirits of Easter Past, Easter Present, and Easter Future. Will Scrooge change his views on Christ, Christianity, and Resurrection Sunday?

Since I am familiar with both the Christmas Carol and Tetzlaff’s work, I have been very curious to read her adaptation for my favorite holiday of the year, Easter. I was not disappointed in the least.
If you have read or watched any version of The Christmas Carol, you will be well acquainted with this story. As it says on the cover, this is an adaptation. She didn’t try to change the story, just translate it into a modern story about Easter and she did a wonderful job.

The setting and characters were translated well and felt very realistic, while still keeping a few of the smaller elements that made the Christmas Carol memorable. Scrooge was well done, and didn’t become ridiculous, which some versions make him.

The writing was strong, descriptive, and memorable. I know that I will be thinking about this story for many days to come. I probably will start making it a tradition to read it around Easter time as well, as it a good reminder of the joy Easter should bring into each of us.

I highly recommend this to those who enjoyed A Christmas Carol, like shorter reads, and want to be reminded of the joy of Easter.

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