Onscreen Adventures: Top Ten Christian Films

9:56 AM

I grew up watching McGee and Me, Donut Man, Last Chance Detectives, and The Buttercream Gang, all of which were strongly Christian. It was hard as I got older to discover that they weren't making Christian films of that same quality for adult Christians, at least not that I could find. I tried to find them but after poorly made movie after gag-y movie, I gave up. Until one day I started to give them another chance when I started hearing some friends rave about a couple. Here are my favorite Christian films.

1. Matthew

2. Beyond the Mask

3. Mom’s Night Out

4. Polycarp

5. Pendragon: Sword of His Father

6. Sight and Sound Theater Joseph

7. The Encounter: Paradise Lost

8. Sight and Sound Theater Ruth

9. Island of Grace

10. Overcome
Overcome - DVD

In the next month, I will be sharing reviews and other fun bits about my favorite Christian films so stay tuned!

How many of these have you watched? What are your top ten Christian films?

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  1. Hey Sarah! I've watched Matthew, Mom's Night Out, and The Encounter. And I wouldn't say that any of them are favorites. My top ten list of Christian films is as follows (in no particular order):
    1. Molder of Dreams (live speaker – beginning is re-enacted – recommended for teachers)
    2. Behind the Sun (movie)
    3. Amish: A Secret Life (documentary)
    4. Gifted Hands (movie – based on true story)
    5. Amish Grace (movie – based on true story)
    6. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (documentary)
    7. Ruby Bridges (movie – based on true story)
    8. What If… (movie)
    9. IndoctriNation (documentary)
    10. Facing the Giants (movie)
    Have you seen any of them?

    1. Sarah,

      I have seen Expelled, and Facing the Giants (loved both of them). Amazing Grace probably would have made my list if I had been thinking straight.

  2. Beyond the Mask was AMAZING!!!! Such a good movie! <3 I love how during the end credits they told some about the true stories the movie was based off. So cool! :D Also, Mom's Night Out was hilarious.

    1. Wasn't it though? It was so awesome and well done.

      Mom's night out was funny, and also had a powerful message.

  3. I've only seen two of these, Matthew and Pendragon. I need to see the rest! Especially Beyond the Mask, Mom's Night Out, and Polycarp!
    Hmm ... my top ten might look something like this (not necessarily in order):
    1. God's Not Dead
    2. Amazing Grace
    3. A Man Called Peter
    4. Pendragon
    5. Courageous
    6. Fireproof
    7. Facing the Giants
    8. Time Changer
    9. Pilgrim's Progress (can't remember the actor, but I thought it was very good! Any dramatization of Pilgrim's Progress would be good)
    10. I withhold on number 10 because there are other good ones out there that I can't think of at the moment!!

  4. Donut Man and McGee and me were staples of my childhood, along with Veggietales and Storykeepers. Last Chance Detectives were another favourite once we got a bit older. Still could watch them all today.