Adventure Between the Pages: Whispers from the Shadows

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Description: Treachery causes Gwyneth Fairchild's world to crumble. The daughter of a British general, she just barely saves her life by fleeing London aboard a ship to America. Her goal is to find refuge with the Lane family in Maryland, having been told by her father she could implicitly trust Winter and Bennet Lane, even though their nations are once again at war. After meeting their son, Thad, she soon discovers they are a family much like her own. The Lanes trade in a dangerous commodity--espionage. Not long after Gwyneth is on his ship, Captain Thad Lane experiences the tug of love, though he fears it may blur lines of loyalty. With family playing the part of enemies and enemies proving themselves friends, a future with Gwyn is uncertain. But at this moment, with the British advancing on Washington and Baltimore, they have only their shared faith in God as a shield about them.

Whispers from the Shadows was even better than the first book! White took on a time period that is not as well known in history: the War of 1812. With this historical backdrop, the story that unfolds was heart-pounding, charming, and gripping.

I loved Gwyn. White wrote her so vividly that I felt as if I had met her. As she flees England with a secret, my heart just broke. Her drawing and painting?  Wow! I felt as if I was looking over her shoulder when she drew. The paintings were described so vividly and each of them had a piece of Gwyn in them.

Thad was a bit confusing to me. Don’t get me wrong, he made an excellent hero for the story. However, I think his secret past was kept secret almost too long. Something didn’t fit, and I couldn’t figure out why. Thad had so much compassion and sweetness about him that I loved him despite my confusion.

Seeing Winter and Bennet was a delight. Although they play minor roles in the story, it was a treat to see this couple happy years later, watching their children find love.

The romance in this book was sweet even with its bumps. I love how Thad really seemed to understand Gwyn’s needs and helped her deal with the pain in her past. I also loved how Gwyn forgave Thad when he failed and accepted the help she needed.

I highly recommend this book to historical fiction lovers, those who like romance, and anyone looking for a well told story.

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