Faith to Start Your Week: Choosing not to Doubt

11:19 AM

I talked a few weeks ago about how God sometimes has used fiction in my life to reach me. Well, he did it again and I thought I would share how God used a book recently in my life.

I have been on a bit of a sci-fi kick. I haven't read or watched much since I completed the Destiny Series. I was pleased to discover a wonderful science-fiction series by J. Grace Pennintgton, Firmament. I devoured both books that were out in about a week, but the second book really gripped me it's message really struck home.
Firmament: In His Image (Volume 2)
In Firmament: In His Image, the characters are confronted with an alien life form and it challenges their faith. The main character's response? She decides that even though this is a challenge for her faith, she is not going to doubt God. It isn't easy, but any time she starts to doubt, she reminds herself of what she knows about God.

It was a good reminder for me. Sometimes I tend to over question, and over analyze. Sometimes all I need to do is trust in what I already know. What is God teaching you right now?

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  1. I loved this whole book, but the message spoke to me as well. Andi actually showing faith when there seemed to be evidence against it staring her right in the face was inspiring.