Everyday Life: My unintended blogging vacation

2:51 PM

Hi, let me introduce myself. I am Sarah Holman, you know, the girl that was posting here a month ago? Yes, it is me, and I am back.

I have truly missed blogging here, and have set out on many occasions to do so. However, daily life has been busy, full, and challenging. I haven't spent much time online or writing for that matter.

Some of the good things that have been going on:

  • After disappearing for two days, our dog came home.
  • I have a new part time job taking care of an elderly lady.
  • My latest book A Different Kind of Courage is a huge hit with my editing team.
  • I am getting to format a kindle edition of a friend's book.
Some of the challenges: *takes deep breath*
  • My dad is struggling with a yet unnamed brain issue. It keeps getting worse, but we have no answers.
  • My energy level is still low, but I am learning to trust God for the strength to do what I need to, and let go of the rest.
  • I am busy trying to prioritize the projects I have taken on and letting go of some. It has been a real challenge to know what I should cut out and what I should keep.
I am hoping to post updates at least once a week because I know that ya'll are praying for me (thank you, I need it). 

Sometimes I get discouraged right now, but the title of my blog is a good reminder for me: God has a slowly unfolding destiny for me. Each twist and turn in my life is part of his plan. I may not understand or even like it at times, but I don't have to fear it.

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