Legislative View: The Ups and Downs

10:33 PM

It has been far to long since I have have given an update on what I have been doing at work. So I am going to give you a snapshot by telling you about my day and sharing some photos.

Out office is really busy because my boss is on the Appropriation Committee which handles all the money for the state. This means if often spends most of his day in meetings that can last up to 8 hours

(my boss it the one with the glasses)

Today had a big challenge to it. A large group of Planned Parenthood supporters came into the office. Being a pro-life office, makes meetings like that hard. However, I work with some awesome people who handled it amazingly well. 

Most of my day was spent at my desk, buried in letters that needed to be answered.

I am really excited because I have started writing a lot of the letters. I haven't done this before, and it is fun to put my writing skills to use at work.

Going over letters with my boss

My boss showing me corrections that need to be made.

I stayed until 7:30 at work today. Yes, that is very late but we got a lot done. I am so thankful for my job. I will try to update you again sometime soon.

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  1. What a fascinating peep into your working life, Sarah, this is so fun! : )