What is modesty?

3:00 AM

There is a lot of debate about modesty out there.  Some believe that you can only be modest in ankle or floor length skirt and a shirt with a high neck line and certain length sleeves.  Others believe that is an extreme, that as long as you have your certain areas covered, you are good to go.  So what is modesty?  Where should we draw the lines?

My brother recently was reading a book and showed me a quote that I think is a perfect guideline.

“To God obscenity in not uncovered flesh.  It is exposed intention.” ~ The Singer Trilogy by Calvin Miller

In the summer, many like me look down at the girls running around in scanty clothing.  But do we need to pause a moment and think about why we are choosing the clothes we are.  Are we trying to fit in?  Are we trying to attract a guy’s attention by our modesty?

A hard thought, isn’t it?  Most of us, including me, would like modesty to be something just on the outside, but it isn’t.  What we wear on the outside, though it is part, it is only a part.  True modesty comes from the inside and radiates out.

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  1. I love this post Sarah. Once again you did a great article.

  2. A very good thought to start the day with...great post Sarah :)

  3. AMEN Sarah! What you said is SO true! Modesty starts from the heart!