Happy Birthday to My Sister, Rose

8:30 AM

I want to wish my best friend and sister a happy 20th Birthday by telling her and the world 20 reasons I am thankful God gave her to me as a sister.

1.      Her beautiful smile

2.      Her big heart

3.      Her laugh

4.      Her hugs

5.      Someone to talk to when no one else will listen

6.      Someone who can sing

7.      Someone who can keep me from looking dumb when it comes to the music world

8.      Someone who can watch Jane Austen movies over and over again with me

9.      To have a person who will listen to my story ideas

10.  To have someone as eager to read my writing as I am to write them

11.  To have someone who is an example of daily time with God

12.  To have someone who shines Christ’s love to all she meets

13.  For the people she brings into my life

14.  For the way she can make people feel special

15.  For the wonderful baking she does

16.   For the work she does without complaint

17.  For putting up with me all the time (that should earn her a big jewel in heaven)

18.  Someone who will get up and braid my hair early in the morning

19.   Someone who can write touching plays and poems

20.  Someone who is the best sister and friend anyone can have

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  1. Love you too Sarah. You're too sweet!

  2. Happy Birthday Rose. I bet you are busy trying to be more of a blessing to others on your birthday and can't just sit still....Love, Your Delaware Dad & Mom

  3. I agree...Rose is the Bestest! :) Love and Hugs and the happiest of birthday's to you our sweet friend and sister in the Lord! :D


  4. Thank you. :D I'm so grateful for friends like you.
    And to my Delaware mom and Dad, I have trouble keeping still except to sleep. :D It was a fantastic day. Love and Hugs, Rose

  5. What a wonderful sister! You make me think of my sisters! : ) I hope the birthday was a happy one!

  6. AMEN! Rose is the best! :)

    Happy Birthday girl! Love you!

    <3 <3 <3 <3