When Success Brings You to Your Knees

7:57 PM

As I sit here, I realize how little I have posted to this blog in the past few months.  Oh, there are posts, but not many of any substance.  They are all bits about my writing, my book, and snippets about what is going on in my life.  But this post I want to talk about something that I have been experiencing spiritually recently that I find wonderful.

Most of you have probably gone through a hard time in your life, one that has brought you to your knees before God.  In hard times, sometimes the only thing that gets you through the day is prayer and the knowledge that God has a plan and a purpose, even when we can’t see it.  But what about in times of success?  What happens when things are going well?  I don’t know about you but I tend to not pray as much and depend on God less.

The past few months have been amazing for me.  I am working part time in my Representative’s office, our family was given a car, my book was published and much more.  Life could not be better if you ask me.  My cup, like David says in the Psalms, is running over. Yet, during this time of great success, I have found myself driven to my knees.

Why?  One of the things that I have seen so often is that successful people and people who are doing well seem to drift from God without meaning to.   When You don’t have to depend on God for your daily bread, often you begin to lose sight of him.  I know that is how I have been in the past.  But the last few weeks, though they have been full of success, have driven me to my Heavenly Father.

Sometimes I am just praising him, sometimes I am asking for strength to handle my success, and sometimes am telling him about what is going on in my heart.  All of the time, I am learning to be dependent on him even in the midst of success.

What has God been teaching you lately? 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I'm so glad that your cup is running over. That's a wonderful blessing! And yet I know I share your concern that in the midst of the success He grants us, we don't "forget" God. As a writer - in the midst of marketing my first books and planning my bext books, as well as living the rest of my life - I desire not to forget Him in the midst of the measure of success He's granted me, but to be inspired by each and every moment of success to run to Him. Thank you for the reminder!


  2. I am amazed and humbled as I watch you grow. I thank God for the heart he gave you. Now I think I will take a minute to pray for my precious daughter.

  3. Great post on a very important subject. None of us enjoy trials and tribulations, but God unquestionably uses them to draw us nearer to Him. If we're not drawing nearer to him during times of success, He will use the trials to bring us back to our senses. So if we want to avoid the trials, the best thing we can do is praise Him in the times of sunshine!