“The One Who Gave the Vision Still Calls”

3:00 AM

Some of you might recognize the title of this blog post from one on my favorite movies Pendragon; Sword of His Father. I have been thinking about this phrase a lot lately concerning my writing.

God gave me a vision several years ago for my life.  He showed me that he had given me the gift of writing and that I was to use it for his glory.  It was then that I started my blog and was writing lots of articles for various magazines. I sit here now, looking at a pile of books, my books and stand amazed.  Yet, I hear that phrase in my head; “The one who gave the vision still calls.”

At the end of Pendragon; Sword of His Father, after the battle is won, Artos says the phrase as he dismisses his troops.  Odd, no?  The battle is over, the fight is won, and the mission is accomplished.  Now is the time to live happily ever after, right?

I don’t know if the Makers of the movie intended it, but the hit on a very important lesson; even when we reach the goal, God still has more for us to do.  Just because I now have a book in print doesn’t mean that God has stopped calling.  He isn’t up there saying; “Well, you did it kid, have fun with the rest of your life.”  No!  He is calling to me saying; “Great job!  Now, let’s start on the next part of my vision for you.”

I pray that I will never lose sight of the vision, or stop listening for the sound of his voice.  I hope that you and I will always remember that the one who gave the vision still calls.

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  1. I love this post! So encouraging Sarah. Love you, Rose

  2. I have got to get this movie. This touched my heart, dear writerly friend. Thank you for your encouraging heartfelt words.

  3. It's like in the Chronicles of Narnia book 3.
    The main character learns that if you do one good deed the reward is usually that you're set to do another harder, better one. :o ) Amazing post, Sarah!