Oh So Busy

8:45 AM

As many of you probably guessed due to the fact that this blog has been so sadly neglected, life for me right now is very busy. Life just keeps throwing things our way, most of which are good, that have taken a lot of my time as of late.

My Dad launched his online art store which I am managing.

I have been busy taking advantage of the little vacation we are taking from MOHL to get caught up on all the writing that has been piling up. I have already written two future posts for MOHL as well as scheduled three weeks for my own blog. I know that may not sound like a lot but when you write an average of about three to five hundred and you write eighteen posts, it adds up.

I have also been hard at work planning out school for the coming year. Yes, I have graduated but I’m helping mom to teach my two youngest siblings. I love it so much and it has been so fun to come up with my own lesson plans. I will start teaching the first part of September.

Please pray, one of our cars died and so during the week we are without a vehicle. If we lived in the city, having only one car wouldn’t be as big a deal but since we rely on it to get anywhere it is becoming an issue. My brother has already had to miss one basketball practice, which was hard for him. Also, the car that is working the air conditioning is going out on it. Please pray that it will last the rest of the summer.

What is going on in your life?

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  1. That sounds like us! On my mom's birthday all 3 of our cars where in the shop at THE SAME TIME!

    Mom's due to have her 8th baby any day know and I am really busy!

    18 posts ahead! That's a accomplishment! :) Good job! I'm lucky if I can get 10 posts ahead for the week although I am ahead for know........

    Tell Rose I said hi! Sorry to ramble. ;)

    With love,