Republican Party of Texas convention 2010 part 1

10:00 AM

Well, as you may have guessed, Friday and Saturday of the convention where very busy. On Friday, I arrived at 7:00 over an hour before I needed to be at the convention. Even though I wasn’t supposed to do any volunteer work until later in the day, I decided to see if I could help. They set me to making sure all the registration booths were ready for 9:00. Since I was the only one behind the booths at this time, my work was interrupted constantly by people needing directions and information. This didn’t bother me at all but it did take me almost an hour to get the booths ready.

At around 8:00 the booth to buy and pick up tickets opened and a long line quickly formed. Keep in mind that almost 10,000 people come to this convention, most of which come on Friday. There were four cashiers trying to process all these people (Hey, I never said that the Republicans got it all right).

One of the cashiers asked if there was any way I would help them make guest and replacement badges. They taught me how to use the computer that they had set up for it real quick. It was pretty simple, especially since I do a lot on the computer. For the next few hours, except for a break to get myself lunch, I made badges.

I used a lot of my training from elections on how to deal with people in a bad mood since many of the people started getting a little testy after standing in line for so long. I felt really sorry for the cashiers as most people vented their frustrations on them. I didn’t leave my post until 3:30 and by then I was exhausted.

I had a great time on Friday, even if it was a lot of hard work. I will tell you all about Saturday tomorrow.

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