Movie Review: Ice Castles

8:27 AM

Movie Rating PG

My Rating (on a scale of 1-10) 6

Okay, for the first time since probably Prince Caspian came out, I really wanted to see a recently released movie. For the most part, I have no trouble waiting until all my friends have seen a movie and can tell me what they thought of it. I find that if I hear a lot of people tell me about a movie, I can get a pretty good idea if it is a good one for our family.

Well one day, someone told be about this movie that had just come out on to DVD called Ice Castles. So, to be nice to them, I went and watched the trailer. After watching the trailer I wanted to see the movie as soon as I could. It just looked so sweet and was only PG (a rarity these days).

The other day, I rented from a local Redbox. The basic story is that a young girl, Alexis, who has grown up skating on a pond behind her home, finds that she can be more. A couch sees her in a local competition and sees potential in her and takes her to Boston to train. Alexis is quickly caught up in a world that is very new to her. She finds herself losing control of her life and losing touch with the people that mean the most to her, her dad and boyfriend.

While skating one time, Alexis falls and hits her head and goes blind. She suddenly finds herself back home unable to skate, and doesn’t feel like she has a lot to live for. With the help of her dad and her boyfriend she learns to not only skate again but well enough to compete.

There were a couple things about this movie you should know before you watch it. There is a lot of kissing between Alexis and her boyfriend especially at the first part of the movie. There is also one time when her boyfriend pulls her down onto the snow to kiss on her that definitely wasn’t the most appropriate. As for wardrobe Alexis wears some sleeveless cloths although her skating outfits are modest, even though one is a little strange, and in one scene her boyfriend is shirtless. Another thing this is a skating movie, there is a lot of skating. If you don’t just love watching figure skating, you will be board at times.

Now, for the good things about this movie: The dad and his daughter get along really well, if fact, Alexis is very reluctant to leave him. Dad knows about the boyfriend and even calls on him to help him with Alexis when she goes blind. Another thing I really like about this movie is that when Alexis is in the spotlight and being treated like a star, is when she is the unhappy.

If you just need a nice girl movie one day, I would definitely say this fits the bill.

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