Fresh Start

8:32 AM

I am a strange person for all of you who didn’t know that already. I like my skirts to hit my ankles and no higher. I like to laugh at peoples inconsistencies, knowing full well I have plenty of my own. I like routine life and I like Mondays.

For me, the beginning of a new week is wonderful. Like that line from Anne of Green Gables; “Tomorrow is always a fresh start in it, with no mistakes in it.” When a new week starts it brings a promise of being different from the week before. Sometimes, the week before has been wonderful and I wish it didn’t have to end. Sometimes the week has been awful and I am very grateful for Monday’s arrival, hoping that it will bring with it a change.

As I start this week, I thank God for the week I have, to give me the strength for the coming week and that no matter what happens that I will shine his light to those around me.

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

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  1. Strangely enough, Monday is my favorite day. People look at me odd when I say that, but to me it's the start of a whole new week (OK, Sunday is the start of a new week, not Monday, but what evah). And like you said, there's no mistakes in it yet! :)

  2. Monday is probably my favorite day of the week. I love the fresh start of a new week. I love to sit down on Sunday evenings and plan out my week. Monday is a new day to homeschool, learn, read, photograph, enjoy my children and start my week out with a positive outlook!

  3. My fave is Saturday! And I love Sunday. Also, I awarded you! Just check out my blog for details.