Movie Review; Doc

8:30 AM

From the makers of Sue Thomas F. B. Eye comes another wonderful series that is clean, fun, and heartwarming. Meet Clint Cassidy, a country doctor from Montana. One summer, a beautiful writer spends a few months in his town writing an article and he falls for her and follows her back to New York City. Clint finds himself working for an HMO that doesn’t always appreciate his county way of doctoring. Join him as he takes care of a young orphan, delivers a baby in cab, helps a girl with a weak heart, and helps a couple save their two unborn children.

There are a couple of things you might want to be aware of before you watch This TV Series. First, even though it never goes beyond kissing and dating is presented as the norm and the main characters do have boyfriends and girlfriends. Another thing is that some of the episodes cover some subjects that younger children might not like.

My family loves this series because it is so family friendly. There is no bad language, it is clean, and many times they talk about God in a good way. One of the other things that I loved about it was that even though it was a doctor show, they didn’t show blood and other gross stuff.

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