10 things I have learned about being the oldest at home

8:30 AM

Note; I do have one amazing older sister, but for the past ten years, I have been the oldest at home.

1. If you yell at your younger siblings it doesn’t help anything, it only makes them angrier.

2. Lead by example more than words.

3. Let one of the younger siblings make a decision every once in a while; it makes them feel good.

4. Act like your siblings are valuable team members, not soldiers under your command.

5. If you have to deal with a sibling, take them to another room. Don’t deal with them in front of others, it will only embarrass them.

6. Do something fun with them on a regular basis, play Candy Land (even if it isn’t your favorite), buy them candy, play house (even if you are considered an adult). The siblings that have fun together work well together.

7. Be willing to say you were wrong and apologize the moment you realize you did something wrong.

8. Never tell embarrassing or hurtful stories about your siblings to others

9. Take walks together and stop to look and  at the daises, or whatever else you find.

10. Laugh together as much as you can.

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  1. That was a really good post, Sarah! I need to work on number two more. It's just so easy to tell them not to do something and then go do it yourself, ya know? Thanks for the great post!

    Love and hugs,