What we spend our time on

8:24 AM

One of the things that God is teaching our family this week is to choose wisely what we spend our time on. It is so much easier to plop down in front of a movie in the evening than to do devotions as a family. It is much more fun to read that great new fiction book that we got than to read in your Bible. When you are tired, it sounds much better to play a computer game by yourself than to play a board game with your siblings. For every once in awhile, doing the fun and easy things is okay but the past few weeks our family as done them instead of what is important.

It is easy to start doing the easy things instead of the better things. It starts out that we are tired and decide to skip Bible for a movie ‘just once’ and we end up doing it every day. We soon find ourselves doing very little that is worthwhile and spending most on worthless things.

Today, let’s all take a few minutes and make sure that we are spending most of our time on worthwhile things.

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  1. What a great and challenging post, Sarah!
    I have been struggling with just what you described. being lazy about certain things and taking the easier road instead of the harder one. It's important for us to do what we know God would have us to do whether or not it is something that we "feel" like doing. Reading our bible's, doing chores, and spending time with our siblings are all things that we should do no matter what we want.

    I definitely need to work on this in my own life and heart.

    Thank you so much for Challenging me today! This post was just what I needed!

    God Bless,

  2. Thank you Sarah for this excellent reminder! =:) This is an area that I am trying to work on myself. I have skipped my daily devotions far too often because I had something pressing on my mind or "just didn't feel like it". I also tend to push family away when I am have one of my headaches or I am tired. I am trying to work on this and make time for family instead of doing what "I" want and also make Christ FIRST in my life instead of something I do occasionally or later in the day when I happen to remember.

    Thank you so much for your honesty! I always find it an encouragement to know that other young ladies do have the same struggles as me. That way they can pray for me and I can pray for them!=:D


  3. Very challenging post! This is something to constantly keep in mind as it's so easy to slip into doing the easiest thing instead of the wisest thing.

  4. Amen! Such an important thing that we need to be reminded of over and over!