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Okay, I feel really bad! I can’t remember whose blog I got this from! But anyone is welcome to do this tag who wants to.

1) How long have you been homeschooled?
My entire life! Praise God for his blessings

2) What grade are you in?
I graduated last year

3) What is your favorite subject(s) in your homeschool?
History and Bible have always been my two absolute favorite subjects.

4) What is your least favorite subject(s) in your homeschool?
Math and English (now y'all know why I make so many mistakes on my blogs posts)

5) What is a current/previous homeschooling challenge you’ve faced?
Doing it evert single day

6) What are you looking forward to over the coming year?
Learning new things and writing more books. Even though I am not in school I love to learn and write.

7) Name three things you like doing in the summer with your family.
You have to understand that we shcool year-round; that way we can take several smaller vacations. Some of the things we enjoy doing as a family are: taking walks, reading, playing board games and having meaningful conversations

8) What other activities do you enjoy, such as sports, hobbies, etc.?
Writing, Piano, sewing, and blogging

9) Are you taking a foreign language? Are you going to in the
future? Which one?
Not currently. I have taken a little Spanish and I am thinking about doing that again.

10) Where do you homeschool? (Kitchen table, livingroom, etc.)
Everywhere! I guess we primarily use the dining room table, though.

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  1. Great post. Being homeschooled is awesome. My brother, who has graduated from homeschool and gone on to college, says that "once your a homeschooler, you're always a homeschooler".=^)