Time in the Word

9:18 AM

Most of us make the resolution to read in our Bibles every day, and a few of us, like Anna Joy, actually manage to keep that resolution. For most of us, however, we let things get in our way.

Some of us, like Mary Beth, fill our days so full that we don’t leave enough time to read the Bible. There are so many good and even godly activities that you can fill your days with that sometimes we just lose sight of what is really important.

Some of us are like Maria Rose, we have the time, we just spend it on different things. We feel like there is so much that we need and want to do and our time with God gets put on the bottom of the list.

One of the things that I have done that has helped me be faithful in reading my Bible every day is I don’t allow myself to write a blog post until I have read in my Bible. I love to write blog posts so this is a good motivator for me. You might also try reading a commentary on the book of the Bible that you are reading; this might give you some great insight.

Do you have any ideas? What helps you to read your Bible?

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