Show and Talk; Episode 3

9:43 AM

The cast;
Mary Beth is twenty years old, shy, sweet and cares deeply for those in need. She is the second child of five siblings and her greatest pleasure is being with her family.

Anna Joy, is a fifteen-year-old girl who is just trying to survive high school. She is part of a very growing family (number eight was born recently) and is close to her older sister but wishes she had time to have friends outside the family.

Maria Rose is 18 and has just finished school. She has a passion for writing, and also is very lonely and feels left out at times. She is close to her family, especially her 17 year old sister.
Mary Beth glances toward her Bible as she hurries to tie her unruly hair up into a decent looking pony tail. She would love to read in her Bible for a while, but she doesn’t have the time. She is already late for work and doesn’t have any time to spare. She rushes out the door and into her car, glad that she has a boss who won’t be upset at her for being late this once.

When Mary Beth gets home that evening, she has to work on a school report for about an hour before rushing off to teach a class for children that she does once a week. When she gets home, she falls into bed and glances over at her Bible. She feels too tired to even pick it up.

Anna Joy wakes up and slips out of her room with her Bible. Starting her day with the Bible is so important to Anna Joy that she has only missed it a few days out of the year, and that was because of severe illness. With such a large family, the few minutes every morning that she spends reading her Bible in a corner somewhere are usually the only few minutes of quiet she gets. She loves her quiet time.

Maria Rose has the best of intentions, she wants to read her Bible every day, and tries to read it every morning before she does a single thing, but today it just didn’t happen. She was too tired when she woke up, and then she had to make breakfast. She spent most of the day in town or doing things on her computer. When she crawled into bed that night and was having her prayer time she suddenly realized that she hadn’t even cracked her Bible open the entire day. What was wrong with her?

All right, now it is your turn. What was the point of the story? Which character do you most identify with?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a comment! I envy your Texas weather, it is in the 30s here in Idaho today, BRR!

    I love your blog :) I really appreciate the three scenarios you portrayed. I think that it's interesting to see the differences between Mary Beth and Maria Rose. Neither of them were able to spend time in the Word, but Maria Rose seemed more upset about that fact. But Maria Rose also seemed to have more time to be in her Bible (spending time on the computer...) I think that I have the heart of Anna Joy but I'm living like Maria Rose.

    This is such an interesting post to me because I have been thinking about this a lot. How important it is for me to spend time with God in the morning, reading His Word, praying, journaling, etc. I think I will be remembering this story the next few days and hopefully that will motivate me :)

    Blessings today!!

  2. Well, the point of it was to show how different people treat their quiet time with the lord.

    #1- Mary Beth: She doesn't even leave herself enough time during the day to read God's word.

    #2- Anna Joy: She loves spending time in God's word and only misses if she absolutely has to because of illness.

    #3- Maria Rose: She has good intentions but doesn't always get bible reading into her day.

    I personally guess that I am most like Maria Rose. I often don't read my bible on purpose. It's terrible, I know. I often have the best intentions and want to read my bible daily, but I don't always achieve that goal. Sometimes my fleshly desires get in the way and I end up not spending time with God that day and do writing or something instead.

    One thing I have noticed and learned from this however, is that I have less joy when I don't read my bible. When I am making sure that I spend time in God's word, my attitude and self image changes. When I am reading God's word, I care less about what others think of my appearance and more about what they see in me. Which should be God's love and light.

    One thing I have heard that can help with the keeping up of reading your bible is an accountability partner. This is something my church has mentioned many times, but I've never done it because I never had anyone (until recently) Who had the similar Christian values as me.

    Basically how it works is you have a trusted person who writes or calls you (depending on if you know them well or not.) every once and a while to see how you are doing in the areas of bible reading, prayer, etc. Not to be mistaken as a guilt trap! This gives you the opportunity to get encouraged and challenged by fellow Christians in your Christian walk.

    God Bless,