Reading and Writing

8:09 AM

Welcome to yet another edition of Writing Saturday as we explore ways to help us write better and to the glory of God. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important virtues of a great writer; being a great reader.

From an early age, my parents have encouraged me to read. They have surrounded me and my siblings with book (over three hundred of them) but not just any books; they have had us read only those books which are good, wholesome, and well written. I can safely say that part of how I learned to write was by reading.

As a blogger, it has helped me to read some of the really good and popular blogs; such as YLCF and Maidens of Worth. These have helped me to see how to run a blog that is worth reading and people love.

That’s all for today’s tip. I hope to see you next week for another Writing Saturday.

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