Exciting Bible Stories

7:35 AM

Yesterday (Sunday), I and my sister Grace spent our afternoon at a local church watching a group of ten kids’s so that their parents could attend a class how to get their finances in order. It was a good experience for Grace and me because most of these kids went to public school and had not grownup in the church. It is so funny when you spend most of your time around one group of kids who has long ago started reading the Bible for themselves and the stories of David and Goliath and now discuss why God protected Cain from receiving the just punishment for killing Able and the good, the bad and the ugly about the early church. The kids at this church however, all of this is new and exciting.

Since I have grown up in the church, I two often read the Bible stories and feel like they are just the same old stories that I have heard all my life but these kids reminded me that those stories are not only exciting for the kid that has never heard them, they can still teach me things if I would only look for the lessons.

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