God is still in control

12:10 PM

As we get closer and closer to Election Day, all of us who are going to vote (and some of us who are not old enough too), start biting our nails with worry over which candidate is going to win. We know which one we want to win and we may even think the other candidate is one of the worst things that could happen to our beloved country. Today I would like us to take a step back and take a deep breath and remember that God is in control.

If the candidate that wins is the one that we absolutely didn’t want, God is still in control. If the candidate we want wins the election, God is still in control. I know that I too often lose sight of that fact, I get all wrapped up in my candidate winning and making that changes I want that I forget that God can use even a person I don’t like, to do his work.

So let’s all go out and work hard to try to get the candidates that we want elected and then leave the results up to God. I would also love to hear about what you’re doing and why you are voting or like a certain candidate.

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