A Look back on February and the first half of March

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I sometimes get tired of myself. I mean, I had every intention of keeping up with this blog in February and filling it with all sorts of fun things. But here we are, mid-March and I realized it had been over a month since I posted. 

You will be happy to know that I have a lot of posts now in the works. This will not be the last time you hear from me this month. 

February 1st found me having lunch with my Mom and youngest sister.

And there was a pretty epic sunset on our way home.

It's weird to look back on pictures because it feels like January and February were so packed and went by like a blur. February started out with a lot of promise, but it ended up having some pretty hard moments in it. I'm very grateful for my family and for Scott, who helped me through some emotional times. 
While a tough month, the highlight was getting to spend a day in San Antonio with Scott to celebrate five months of being married.

Here we are on the Riverwalk. Fun fact, one of the pivotal moments in our early friendship happened on a walk with my family on the Riverwalk

Here we are at the Institute of Cultures. It was a great museum.

Of course, Mexican food was a must.

Last year, though Scott and I had been a couple for a little over a week, it snowed in Texas so we didn't spend it together. As the holiday had never been a big deal for us, that was okay. While we still didn't make a big deal out of it this year, Scott brought home all the supplies and we made chocolate-covered strawberries with my younger sister. Mikayla is awsome because she comes once a week to see me, and she is willing to grab photos with me.


I had fun pre-ordering and getting this book. It was good!

As always, walks and hiking continue to be an important part of Scott and my's relationship. 

Here we are hiking where we did on our first date <3

At Palmetto State Park

And Mckinney Falls State Park

While not nearly as interesting from a photo standpoint. I was very happy to finally, finally, FINALLY, send off the next Kate's Case Files book to my editor! Another book is going to be published in a couple of months! You can be part of the cover reveal HERE.
Here I am, trying to look like an author.

What have you been up to?

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  1. *Rubs hands together* I like haunting all your fun days. XD I'll be there for all the good ones in April, well, the non-kissy ones. ;)

  2. Thank you Sarah for the update. Good luck with the book.
    Marion and Marilyn