What a month: A Lookback at Jaunary

12:57 PM

It seems lately every time I resolve to blog more. Life throws in a curveball. 

Married life has been awesome. But we've already faced a lot of challenges in our first five months of marriage. December saw some stuff with my family. And January started out with a rushed trip to Alabama to see a cousin on hospice.
We did go over some cool bridges.

It snowed on us for the last leg of the trip. Scoot is a great driver.

We woke up in Huntsville to a winter wonderland

It's so pretty!

And we got to enjoy the snow together. Yes, we threw snowballs at each other. Scott got one that went down my back. He felt really bad about that, but I was laughing.

We spent quite a bit of time with his cousin, but I also got to meet a lot of his family, including his only living grandparent.

His cousin died, which was sad. But I'm so glad I got to meet Sean. While were spending most of the time with family. We did sneak in a walk...

And a date to a Mexican restaurant.

While we were all sad, the funeral was full of hope. This was not the end for Sean. He loved Jesus and he is in heaven.

On our drive home, we found out that several family members had tested positive for Covid. We kept to ourselves, which ended up being a good thing as Scott and I both came down with it. Thankfully, we both got mild cases.

We celebrated our recovery by getting out to a state park and taking a nice long walk. That and we visited our families that we had missed horribly. 

The rest of the mouth was filled with rescheduled meetings that had to be canceled because of getting Covid. 

Stay tuned as I hope to (finally) share wedding photos here!

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  1. Hi Sarah Glad that you and Scott and your family have recovered from Covid. Here in New York we had a 10 inch snow storm in January it is called a north easterner. Fortunately the weather got a little milder and most of the snow melted. Sorry about Sean's passing. May he rest in peace. God Bless. Thank You for the update.
    Marion and Marilyn