2021: What a Year!

9:31 AM

January first, we all sat in the living room talking about changes. Scott was my best friend and I could tell a lot was on his mind when he said that he knew that this coming year, he was going to face a lot. 

That day, I watched my sister Rose struggle with purpose after a year of door after door getting slammed in her face. She had been passionately trying to pursue the good works God set before her yet nothing seemed to be going right.

I felt so stuck but prayed that I would know what I needed to do to change. It was so odd because I prayed and I kept feeling like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, but still felt like I was in a holding pattern. My word for the year was courage. I knew I would need it. My biggest challenge to myself was to courageously reclaim the joy.

I was grateful to throw myself into the release of Fanny's Hope Chest. It was a story I had put more of my heart into than any project for a while. It took more courage than I thought it would to send it to readers for the first time. I wasn't sure I was going to deal well with negative reviews. 

"Will you trust me with this?" It's a question that God asks us often if we are listening. Not audibly, but when we are trying to hold tight to something we love. As February rolled around, I knew God was asking me again if I would trust Him with the friendship outside the family I valued most. Not going to lie here and say I was in a place of peaceful surrender, because I wasn't. I was filling my days with projects and telling God that it would tear me to pieces to lose my friendship with Scott, but I knew He would hold me and put me back together.

February sixth, instead of the friendship ending, I found myself in a relationship with my best friend. I did tell Scott it was very, very hard to promote a book about singleness in the first glow of a new relationship. He smiled. 

Oh, and yeah, we had two SNOW stormes in Texas. If we get snow, it's kind of a weird dusting. But this year, we got four-plus inches. It was crazy!

It wasn't just me that saw changes happen for this year. I watched my sister Rose find her open door. Rose has done training with Youth with a Mission and is on track to continue serving with them and possibly joining the staff. You can follow her journey HERE.

As if being in a relationship with my best friend wasn't enough, I also got to see God answer some other long-time prayers of my family. I saw relationships be restored that I had given up on. There were so many happy tears, long hugs, and words that healed spoken. Because it's not my story, I can't share a lot, but I was overwhelmed this summer with God's good gifts.

And then I got engaged. 

Scott and I decided to get married before Rose left the country on a mission trip which locked us into a short engagement. Since neither of us wanted a fancy wedding, that was fine with us. I can honestly say that while there were a couple of stressful moments, I genuinely enjoyed planning the wedding and preparing for it.

Getting to spend the holidays married was pretty amazing since both families made such an effort to include us in their celebration. 

It's been an amazing year. I can't wait to see what God has for us next. 

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  1. Hi Sarah;
    It is nice hearing from you once again. You sure had a busy and a wonderful 2021. Wishing you,Scott and your entire family A HAPPY,HEALTHY 2022.
    Marilyn and Marion