Story Collection

10:16 AM

I had hoped to share another video today. Despite my best efforts, that isn't going to happen. You can blame the slow interent that cut out on me yesterday. So today, I am going to do something a little different. Today, I am going to ask you for something.

Most of you have either read one of my books or have read my blog. I want a story of how either one of my books or posts impacted you. The story doesn't have to be dramatic or life changing to be good. I just want to hear your stories of how God has used my work.

Are you new here? Maybe nothing I have written has made any impact? That is okay, send me the story of how God has been working in your life recently. You can put your story into the message box on my sidebar.

Stories mean a lot to me. If you share a story with me, you are entered to win this explore necklace I made. If a guy wishes to enter, this can easily be made it to a cool keychain thing.

Ready? Share those stories!

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  1. Hey..

    At one time, I somehow was given an e-copy of your Destiny of One. So I read it. I was just getting into ebooks, so I signed up for free a-books unlimited or such, and downloaded all of your books available (about a year ago.) I read them all! I came to like the sci-fi series... I don't really like sci-fi, so it took a bit ;), loved your medieval series, short stories, and other novels, plus getting to beta read Kate's Innocence shortly after.. But my favorite was A Different Kind Of Courage.

    Not only was the story just too good and lovely and had some interesting plot ideas that I just loved, the morals of that story touched me the most. I thought the it interesting the struggle he had to go through for being honest, and loved all the (Unique) scenarios you brought up addressing honesty.

    It was very good.

    Also, the medieval series was just very, very good, and had some great thoughts.