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Today I am very happy host the wonderful Sheri Sheridan who has helped me turn Kate's Innocence into an audiobook! What better way to meet her then through audio! If you can't listen to this file, the text is below.


Hi everyone! My name is Sheri Sheridan and I'm the audiobook narrator for “Kate's Innocence”, by Sarah Holman. I loved reading it, so Sarah thank you so much for welcoming me onto your blog and for welcoming me into the world of Kate and all of her comrades, not just for this book but for the upcoming Kate's case files book, “Kate’s Capital.” 
Sarah asked me to introduce myself a little bit…first and foremost I'm a passionately Catholic mom of two boys: a three-year-old and a six -month-old. They are my fireball and my sunshine. I married my grade school sweetheart…we started “dating” in the 8th grade! Not necessarily something I would recommend for everyone, but it worked for Mike and I so I’m not gonna argue with God’s plan! 
Before I was an audiobook narrator, I was a teacher, a nanny a seamstress… well I still am a seamstress here and there, and obviously I enjoy reading, sewing… really anything to do with cloth… I baby wear my baby boy! 
Also, I love to talk! I don’t know if you can tell, but if you love to read and love to talk too, well audiobooks are just waiting for you, really! I  I still have some student loans to payoff for that whole teaching degree, and being a stay-at-home mom, not wanting to find a job that would take me away from my vocation of raising my sons… well  I just happened to be reading a blog post that talked about side hustles and things you can do making money at home - being a voiceover voiceover artist was one of those things! 
My dad used to be a DJ and he knows a lot about microphones and how to put things like that together.  I've always loved cartoons  and doing “wacky voices,” so it just clicked, like “Oh my gosh! Yes! This is what I was always meant to do!” Even if I read a book that doesn't have any wacky voices etc, you still have to figure out the voice of each character! 
In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to getting started on “Kate’s Capital” and I hope you guys really enjoy “Kate’s Innocence”! 
Sarah also asked me if I could voice any book what book what I record? I had to really think about that, and I thought about my favorite books , and I thought “No I would not be a good reader for, like Lord of the Rings, or any GK Chesterton books or things like that…” A lot of my favorite authors are masculine… though I could probably read The Chronicles of Narnia, that read could be masculine or feminine, I guess…
And then I remembered -  Madeline L’Engle! One of my very first fantasy/science fiction novels that I read was hers. My mom's a big sci-fi nut and when I was in second grade she foisted upon me in the library “A Wrinkle in Time,” and was like “I want you to read this and tell me what you think,” and I read it and I loved it! She was SO excited to have somebody else in the family that enjoyed  those good crazy mythical tails that sci-fi and fantasy often bring. So I would love to be the narrator for one of Madeline L’Engle’s books.
I did but other than that I’m not necessarily going to pigeonhole myself there at all because as long as it's a good story, it’s good read! So while I do tend to gravitate towards books with more fun storylines …I want something with a little humor in it, a little joy…something that is going to ultimately be a ‘GOOD’ story and make the world a better place, because that's what art is meant to be! Art is meant to elevate us! It can be poignant, it can be sad, but it's ultimately meant to lift up our souls. And I don’t want to read anything else that’s not going to do that! 
Sarah made sure to ask me where authors that were interested in hiring me go to learn more … well the easiest place to go to is probably Facebook. It’s the social media account where I’m most active. So feel free to visit 
Since you’re reading THIS and not listening, you should be able to just click on it, and in the meantime I’ll give you my website address which is , where you can listen to demos and find out more about me!

Alright. Sarah asked me the really important questions now… this is serious stuff.
Which do I like more - coffee or tea?
I drink a cup of English black tea every morning, and coffee has to be heavily sugared and creamed in order for me to touch it, so I would have to say tea in just about any kind! I love green teas,  black tea (black teas are my favorite, they’re my go to) but, like  constant comment… anything! Everything in Teavana is great so… TEA!

Book or movie?  It depends on what book and what movie we're talking about! If it's a book turned into a movie, well, DUH, book all the way! But sometimes there's things in movies that can produce the ‘wow factor’ that you can’t get out of a book, especially with something epic like, you know, the Avengers, or Ghostbusters, you know, big things like that… obviously again, Lord of the rings for example, one of my favorite movies is also one of my favorite books, mostly because both are a work of art, I think. 

Shopping or home? Can I say shopping FROM home? Does that count? Don’t get me wrong, I like going out; I like walking around, getting a little retail therapy, but then it just depresses me that I can't afford anything! If I’m actually buying something, I’m at home doing research with several sites open, comparing prices and I fell like I’m on a hunt, so to that I’m going to say both! 

Talking or Texting? Texting definitely! Because I can never remember everything that I wanted to ask you, and then I get caught up in the moment, and I hang up the phone, and go “Dang it! I was going to ask her this, that, and the other!” So you know what? I just and up texting her later!  So yeah don't bother calling me if you want to actually learn something - send me a text message!

And finally, probably the most important question… vanilla or chocolate? Ummm, it depends on your topping! If you have the strawberry preserves that my mother just made: vanilla all the way! With maybe a little sponge cake on the side… but if you got chocolate well then let's put some peanut butter and hot fudge over that baby and eat it up! Mmmmmm!

Well there you have it!  More than you ever wanted to know about the narrator of “Kate’s Innocence”, Sheri Sheridan! 
Thanks so much again, Sarah, for inviting me to introduce myself on your blog, and like I said I'm really looking forward to moving on to “Kate’s Capital” which hopefully will be out by the beginning of September!
Thanks so much everybody and have a great day!

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  1. This was the first book I read on the Kindle I got for Christmas!

  2. Cool! I enjoyed getting to "meet" Sheri. I'm now convinced that narrating audiobooks must be pretty fun!

  3. I love listening to audio books with my sister while she sews and I knit. We can get through so many books that way. :)

    1. My sister and I listened through most of the Anne of Green Gables books while making a quilt one year.

  4. This was soooo much fun! I loved getting to "meet" the narrator of Kate's Innocence! :) I've got to say, Sheri sounds like a great person. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    1. She is awesome. I am so glad you were able to "meet" her today.