Adventure Between the Pages: Churches, Revolutions And Empires

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Age Appropriate For: 15 and up
Best for Ages: 18 and up
Description: 1789 to 1914 was a time of momentous and often violent change religiously, socially, politically and economically in the western world. The revolutions in the churches and the powerful empires of the day were to have a profound effect upon society at large both then and in the years that followed. In this detailed yet fascinating study, Ian Shaw gives context and understanding to this legacy which has been passed on from that era by providing an expert analysis of the period with a focus on the key leaders, influences and issues.

My dear friend and fellow author, Elisabeth Allen recommended this book to me a while back. When I saw it was on sale on Kindle, I snapped up a copy. I am so glad that I did.

There are few history books I have enjoyed more. Many books that try to give an overall look at a time in history either end up being dull and dry or get so caught up in trying to make it interesting they aren’t helpful. This book was a well-balanced, well-researched work.

What was the church’s role during 1775 through 1914? How did it influence the revolutions and major changes that took place during these years? This book goes through the major events and answers these questions, drawing from a huge number of first-hand and historical sources. The bibliography for this book was huge, listing hundreds of titles.

I am a skeptic when it comes to history books. I go in looking for mistakes and slants that keep all the facts from being shown. This book passed every test I have, and I will hold it up alongside books by David McCullough and Allen French. While I know that the author is a Christian, he was upfront about the negatives the church caused and debunked some of the stories Christians have spread and credit for events Christians have taken that are not true.

I will be re-reading this in the future, and I highly recommend this book for those who love history, want to have a better understanding of recent church history, and high school students.

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