Adventure Between the Pages: Abaddon's Eve

1:00 AM

Age Appropriate For: 12 and up (violence)
Best for Ages: 12 - 25
Description: The prophet's name is Kol Abaddon--the Voice of Destruction. To Alack, a young shepherd boy, Kol Abbadon's visions of coming destruction fascinate and disturb. But when Alack begins to see visions of his own, the course of his life changes as he treks into the wilderness to become a prophet in training. Left behind, Rechab, a trader's daughter whom Alack loves, must choose to change her own life when a pagan god claims her for its own. Salvation can only be found on the run, in the friendship of an infamous merchantwoman with a checkered past, and under the eye of another God. The stars tell the story of a terrifying doom, a war between gods, and the fates of Alack, Rechab, and all they love. But the end of the story--and whether they can change their own future--is a mystery they must journey to discover.

I am not often in the mood to read fantasy, but I was on the day I picked up this book. I wanted to read a fantasy book, and I was happy to find I had a book by Thomson on my Kindle. It has been too long since I read her excellent The Seventh World series. I knew that I would be in for a treat.
Thomson has a rare quality to her books that just makes them sparkle and come alive. It isn’t something that can be taught or copied; some authors have it and others don’t. Her characters leap from the page. In this one you felt like you know each of them. You could taste the desert sand and feel the wind. It was so realistic feeling that I felt as if I were there.

Each character was so dear and real – Alack answering the call to be a prophet was awesome, Rechab tugged at my heart strings, and Kol Abbadon felt so much like a biblical prophet. My favorite character though was Flora. I cannot wait to see what happens with Flora, and I really hope she has a happy ending.

The story kept me reading; in fact, I read most of it in one sitting. It was fast paced, and I could not believe it when I came to the end. It left me very, very tempted to break my vow of not buying any books this year. I stayed strong but the next two books will be at the top of my list to buy in 2017.
As always, Thomason weaves biblical truths into her stories as well as real struggles that everyone can relate to. As with her other series, I found myself encouraged and pointed toward God.

I highly recommend this book for those who love non-magical fantasy, relatable characters, and lyrical writing.

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