Multitudes on Mondays: Rachel and Jessica

1:00 AM

There are two girls that God brought into my life about a month after I started this blog. Rachel and Jessica have become like two more sisters. I thank God for them every day. Here are some of the things they have blessed me with

301. Long phone chats

302. Shoulders to cry on

303. Friends to laugh with

304. Late night girl talks

305. Encouragement almost daily 

306. Knowing someone outside my family cares

307. Teasing

308. Someone to borrow and lend books to

309. Shared memories

310. Shared faith

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  1. Those are some good ones... and I know two girls who share those same things with me too. :) Hehe. Love you so much Sarah friend!! {Hugs} I pray we share many more memories and phone chats (and books! lol) and years of friendship together! :D

    I'm so thankful for your friendship. <3

    All my love,

  2. What a beautiful group of young Christian ladies!