Writing Saturday; My Writing Adventure – Editing

8:21 AM

Editing can be really tough; I thought I knew that.  What I am learning it the final edit is the hardest.  After asking some of my sweet friends to help me and give me their thoughts on my book, I found I had a lot to work on.  That wasn’t the hard part.  I knew that my book was going to need work.  The hard part is deciding the advice to listen to.

I have found that every person has a slightly different idea of what makes a great book.  This can be good, because you get different perspectives on different scenes.  However, it is also that difference in perspective that can make editing such a challenge.  One person will tell you need to change something, while another person will want you to keep things the way they are.

One of the biggest lessons I am learning in this part of my writing adventure is to hold what I wrote loosely and be willing to change anything.  This can be very hard for a writer who has spent hours writing a particular section.  There are inevitable parts of the book that meant something to you that your readers won’t get, or things your readers want to know that you could care less about.

So that is where I am in this adventure called writing.  Where are you?

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  1. HeHe. I'm sorry it was tougher than you thought it would be dear. I know I certainly gave you enough notes to think about! ;) (more on the way soon too!) I know your book will be great no matter who you decide to listen to and what you decide to keep or to change. :) I pray the Lord would bless you for your efforts, dear, and that many besides us will enjoy it! :D Hugs!

    Have a blessed weekend!