I need your help

12:45 PM

 Most of you have, no doubt, read my blog post when I hit a wall with social media. While life has thrown me a few curve balls that have slowed my processes, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to spend time on. Blogging was one thing I wanted to do more, but I've also been trying to figure out exactly what that looks like.

The other day, I was thinking back to the time I loved most in my blogging days. What was I reading? Who was I following? What made blogging so appealing? The answer quickly made me realize while, of course, there are different answers, the common denominator was a lot more personal updates. I miss having a couple dozen blogs where I kept up with the lives of my friends. Of course, we were in our teens during that time, and things will look different now. 

However, I'm getting excited about online interactions again. I'm actively looking for ways to use the social media accounts I have to engage instead of scroll. With this blog, I'm planning on sharing more about my daily life.

But I need your help.

I don't want to just share but get back into the blogging community. So, if you have a blog, or know of a blog you think I would enjoy, let me know about it. Also, drop me a comment and let me know what is something you want to know about me, my life, etc.

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  1. It took me years to comment on blogs or YouTube channels, because our family's technology had been hacked into twice in 2015. But lately I've enjoyed commenting and love supporting others that way. I enjoy reading your blog, Sarah!
    One blog you might like is called Homespun Devotions: homespundevotions.com Cheryl Smith is a very godly woman and I consider her a mentor and a friend of mine. She is always talking about the Lord! :) She has also written 2 devotionals and another book.
    Hmm...a question for you would be what got you interested in wanting to be an author?
    Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. I have a blog you are welcome to follow. I share various things on there. Sometimes random thoughts or rants, but also book and movie reviews and writing updates etc.